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This product is concentrated cabbage extract in a lotion base that will help suppress lactation. For women who are currently producing milk, it will reduce engorgement and speed up the milk drying up. For women who have recently given birth but will not be nursing, it can prevent or minimize milk coming in.  A single tube of cream is usually sufficient to completely supress milk for loss mothers if started early and used regularly.

Engorgement is an intense pain and swelling of the breasts. This usually happens after the first two to three days after delivery when the milk is filling the breasts. Mothers may experience engorgement any time during breastfeeding but it is most common in the beginning and during weaning.

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Who should use Cabocreme?

  • For suppression:
    Apply liberally to entire breast 4-5 times per day or more often as needed and wear a snug. A snug fitting garment such as a sports bra may be worn for 48 to 72 hrs. for added comfort.
  • For initial postpartum engorgement:
    Apply CaboCréme liberally to entire breast once per day as needed to reduce pain and swelling. To decrease pain but continue breast feeding, apply 1 time only and do not bind.
  • For weaning:
    Apply CaboCréme liberally to entire breast as needed for engorgement when a feeding is dropped. To completely wean or suppress lactation, liberally to entire breast 4-5 times per day or more often as needed and wear a snug

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