Couple Communication by Sherokee Ilse & Tim Nelson

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Bereaved Parents often don't communicate their feelings and needs well, leading to confusion, assumptions, mistrust, and often tension. However, through thoughtful communication, improved understanding, and openness, relationships can be significantly improved. This new small book offers a unique approach to a difficult but important subject. Ilse and Nelson teamed up to offer not only their individual perspectives as a woman and man following the deaths of their children, but also to share how they and their spouses met the challenges couples face. Good background information is offered on topics such as brain differences, personality and childhood influences, myths, and more. Other couples weigh in and thought provoking questions are added to the back for personal use or for book discussion, support groups, or during counseling sessions.

Primarily, this is the story of two imperfect couples (the Ilse and the Nelson’s) who have endured over 20+ years each of the ups, downs, and togetherness since their babies died.

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