Brochure Sample Pack (English/Spanish)

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Not sure which brochures would be helpful at your organization?  Order a sample pack and take a look at each of them.  Brochures included are:

** indicates available in Spanish

  • Parenting in Pregnancy **
  • Stillbirth: Finding your way when your baby dies **
  • Where to Begin When Your Baby Has Died (condensed insert for Stillbirth brochure) **
  • Navigating a Miscarriage **
  • Caring For Yourself After A Perinatal Loss**
  • Father's Grief **
  • Talking With Children About Perinatal Loss **
  • Grief of Grandparents **
  • Family & Friends: How you can help when a baby dies **
  • Finding Answers: Options for testing after a baby dies **
  • Pregnancy Following Loss **
  • Family Support insert - resources for grieving families
  • Providing Comfort When A Baby Dies  (a quick reference for health professionals)

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